How much do you know about Fastbraces?
Fastbraces is the development of dental technology and the study of Orthodontics more then
two decades which now become useful and popular for the patients who need to improve
their teeth’s health together with beautiful smile. The concept of Fastbraces is rooted and
developed from the traditional braces which have the common goal is to straighten
the patients’ teeth and receive the cosmetics look with a confident smile at all time.
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How do Fastbraces work?
Fast Braces works in a different way to the traditional fixed braces; normally,
fixed braces move the crown section of the teeth and then the root section.
Fast Braces move the root portion of the teeth from day one,
which means that the entire tooth is moved together from the beginning.
Fastbraces use the specific brackets
with an elevated slot to allow the flexibility of the wire that why the roots are affected throughout the entire treatments.

Cost&Time utilization
This is absolutely true that applying Fastbraces be able to save much time and cost.
Traditional braces require more than two years and spend much money each time.
Since the Fastbraces move both the crown and the root at the same time,
which makes it possible for treatment to be completed within one year and in some cases just a few months.


Dental Implants
Dental Implants are an artificial roots that restoring the original tooth roots.
It is a tiny and high-quality titanium screw. It positioned to fit into the jawbone during
the surgical process of replacing the damaged or missing teeth. In this dental implantation method,
the screw firmly connects the artificial teeth to the jaw. They function and look just like natural teeth.
There are two major types which are immediate implants and the other one-phase immediate loading implants.

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Immediate implants: is carried out in 2 stages spread over a period of three to six months.
First, the replacement of the implants takes place in the jaw bone and then the fabrication of the crowns for teeth.
Where the artificial root and the abutment are divergent units. At the same time, the artificial root heals the bone.
This conventional technology is used when the patient has no suitable bone available for implantation.
This dental implantation method takes a prolonged time for healing which proves is troublesome
to the patients due to their functions and aesthetic reasons. It is important to mention that this type of
implantation is only possible when the patient has the right amount and quality jaw bone.

Immediate loading implants: is the latest in dental implant technology.
This specialized technique allows replacement of the teeth in a single day.
The entire procedure from the extractions, implant placements, and fabrication of the crowns,
bridge or denture on top is all done in one stage within a few working days.
One of the advantages of this method is that it is not necessary to use an inconvenient,
removable denture even temporarily. It is immediately fixed after tooth extraction.
Implantation can begin, not necessary to wait until the wound is healed. Moreover,
immediate loading implants provides aesthetic restoration by stabilizing the gum in its original form.

However, whether to apply which methodology, the dentist might need to scan for teeth replacement,
scanning and evaluation confirms the dental implant.

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