Bangkok Dental Spa

Teeth Whitening

Easiest and fastest way to bring that smile up a notch.

Teeth Whitening is simple, affordable, and fast. It is the best non-invasive way to remove stains that cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth. Teeth Whitening at Bangkok Dental Spa will brighten up your teeth by a many shades, and will lighten up your smile.


Make sure to make an appointment before visiting Bangkok Dental Spa.
This is to make sure we have an available slot on the day you visit.


Laser Teeth Whitening will take approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour.
Only 1 appointment is needed.


You should refrain from eating heavily colored food that can likely stain your teeth for approximately 4 days after getting teeth whitening. Examples of foods that should be avoided: Red wine, soy sauce, coffee, tea, soda, dark juices, popsicles, etc.