Bangkok Dental Spa

Dental Cosmetics-Dental implant, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, fast braces in Bangkok

Bangkok Dental Spa is one of the best dental industry in Asia guarantee by many overseas customers with a respectful reputation for our skilled patient care through an integration of quality dentistry with the calming environment of a luxury spa make us outstanding far beyond competitors.

Bangkok Dental Spa

Dental Cosmetics-Dental implant, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, fast braces in Bangkok

Bangkok Dental Spa- Dental Cosmetics
Dental implant, Teeth Whitening,
Veneers, fast braces in Sukhumvit 19 , Bangkok.

To improve the physical appearance, cosmetics are important to make and decorate the colorfulness to people. How about improving your smile? Can cosmetics cure on this symptoms? We have to say absolutely true. Dental cosmetics is one of the powerful tool in improving the appearance especially your “smile” with healthy gums and beautiful teeth.

Dental Implant

Bangkok Dental Spa is one of the leader in Dental implant in Bangkok where replacing the root of a missing tooth and is made from surgical-grade titanium alloy (Ti 6Al-4V ELI) to exacting specifications. Initially, the implant is placed into the jawbone either immediately after the loss of a tooth, or after an extended period of time. If there is insufficient bone, various bone enhancing procedures can be performed prior to the implant placement. An abutment, which acts as a base for a prosthetic tooth replacement such as a crown, is inserted into the implant at the time of implant placement, or subsequently after a period of healing

Teeth Whitening

Another popular dental cosmetics is teeth whitening especially Teeth Whitening at Bangkok Dental Spa will brighten up your teeth by a many shades, and will lighten up your smile. It is the best non-invasive way to remove stains that cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth. This practice is simple, affordable, and fast and suitable for those patients who need more confidence to their physical appearance. Laser Teeth Whitening will take approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour and only 1 appointment is needed. The patients should refrain from eating heavily colored food that can likely stain your teeth for approximately 4 days after getting teeth whitening.


Bangkok Dental Spa also offer Porcelain Veneers in Bangkok it is excellent in terms of their appearance and durability, and the actual procedure does not disturb the soft tissue (gums) or the adjoining periodontium (bone). Since their introduction almost 30 years ago, porcelain dental veneers have become the flagship of esthetic dentistry. This practice is also the most common procedure in smile makeovers and can also be an option for patients that are simply looking to have a gorgeous smile.

Fast Braces

To find fast braces in Bangkok is easy but the qualified fast braces service is only at Bangkok Dental Spa. Fast Braces is a relatively new, exciting orthodontic treatment, which straightens the teeth much quicker than traditional fixed braces. Fast Braces works in a different way to the traditional fixed braces; normally, fixed braces move the crown section of the teeth and then the root section. Fast Braces move the root portion of the teeth from day one, which means that the entire tooth is moved together which drastically reduces treatment time.

Bangkok Dental Spa is conveniently located in the heart of the Bangkok Metropolitan at Sukhumvit 19 near Asoke BTS station and Terminal 21 Shopping Complex. Though Sukhumvit Road is known for its fast moving pace, Bangkok Dental Spa takes pride in our vision to be the first to offer a dental sanctuary for our clients along with our professional dentists and staff in Sukhumvit area. We provide a various channels through website, HOTLINE -WHATSAPP +66 889192995 and our email Nothing makes us smiles more than seeing the smiles on your face.