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The healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are the things that everyone is looking for. To gain a better service with the professional dentist is quite not easy in searching dentist in Bangkok or the dentist in Sukhumvit area but at Bangkok Dental Spa in Sukhumvit Bangkok perfectly serves you with many qualified and professional dentists in Bangkok and around Sukhumvit area who are the expert service provider for a heathy smile and teeth which has known as the Asia’s first dental spa in Sukhumvit, Bangkok since 1982.

At Bangkok Dental Spa, the dentist will be the person who take care the patient from the first step into the clinic. The dentist will be your consultant, analyze the problem that you are facing and solve the issue carefully. With the dentist’s experience, please be ensure that all patients will be guarantee the outcome after using the service from Bangkok Dental Spa as our slogan “the secret of success from the land of smile”

Implant at Sukhumvit, Bangkok is possible when you come to meet us at Bangkok Dental Spa by our professional dentists in Bangkok. The patient might have heard about immediate implants. In most cases we extract the tooth and replace with the implant right away. Especially on the front teeth, smiling area so that you will have the new teeth right away. Before visiting us, you may plan about your trip for getting Dental Implants at Sukhumvit, Bangkok since you might need around 3 appointments for the cases.

Dr. Lily - The Founder of Bangkok Dental Spa

The first appointment for implant at Sukhumvit, Bangkok Consult and xray with dental specialist to create a treatment plan and quote. This first step of implant will take around 2-3 hr. include laboratory working. The next appointment will be the day of surgery. Teeth extraction and implant placement. Temporary crown on the implant abutment. Approximately 1 – 2 hours in total. For the third appointment, depends on the case, you may need a third appointment or a second trip to Thailand in 2 months per time to change the temporary crown to a permanent porcelain crown.

Apart from, implant service from our dentist in Bangkok at Bangkok Dental Spa. Our dentist also specializes in Veneer service in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Our highly skilled dentists will not only focus on your teeth alone but will suggest the perfect color, shape, and length of your new teeth that will best match the shape of your lips, your smile and your whole face complexion to achieve the best outcome specific to you. Therefore, in order to get the best result after use our Veneer service in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. It is important to make an appointment to discuss your visit before meeting us at Bangkok Dental Spa. This is to make sure you plan your trip to Thailand with enough time to complete the work. Veneers cases take approximately 1 to 2 weeks in total with at least 2 appointments within that time frame.

Example of a visit plan for getting Veneers especially for those who have limited time. First, consulting with our dentist is very important to create the plan, finalize all the step together with the laboratory work. The next appointment is to start fixation process which might take around 2-3 hour depends on the case. The last appointment is to do teeth check up and follow up the result. However, this is only the example of those who interest Veneer in Bangkok. Visiting plan and timeframe needed might differ among cases as it depends on teeth condition, the number of veneers needed be each patient.

Bangkok Dental Spa is conveniently located in the heart of the Bangkok Metropolitan near Asoke BTS station and Terminal 21 Shopping Complex. Though Sukhumvit Road is known for its fast moving pace, Bangkok Dental Spa takes pride in our vision to be the first to offer a dental sanctuary for our clients along with our professional dentists and staff in Sukhumvit area.

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