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Dentist  Bangkok  Thailand, Dentists in Sukhumvit  Bangkok Thailand  
Dentist  Bangkok  Thailand, Dentists in Sukhumvit  Bangkok Thailand












Dental Implant Case : BY Bangkok Dental Spa Clinic

The patient had periodontal problem and need full mouth rehabilitation . The extensive treatment plan to extract all the teeth and fix with implants 8 upper and 6 lower . The final restoration is fixed bridge .Sure the cost is too expensive and long treatment . Finally after the discussion,

Veneers Case By Bangkok Dental Spa

The patient from Alaska, we need to close the big gap in the upper teeth and the lower teeth and the top and bottom are crooked, so after we change his top and bottom we had to make 16 veneers to correct his teeth and now, he can smile like a Hollywood star.

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KBR provides a wide range of engineering - kbr delivers world-class service.

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Stories & Testimonies 

Iím Wesley Fleming from USA
, the son of Mr. Kevin Fleming who works in KBR. I came to Thailand to correct all the problems of my teeth. Frankly speaking, it had been a long time since I had the guts to smile and look at people in the face because of my ruined teeth. Last time I went to see the dentist was something like a decade ago. Now I come to Thailand with my dad who needs to continue his treatment at the Bangkok Dental Spa Clinic. He told me before about the impressive services he got from the clinic but as going to the dentist was always my nightmare I couldnít imagine how good it could be. However I had really determined to get all my teeth fixed this time at the clinic. The first time I went there I was so shy and couldnít look at the  More info

+ I'm writing this unsolicited testimonial for the benefit of anyone who, like me, finds themselves thousands of miles from home and in need of professional dental care. In August, 2005, I was in sad shape. I had not seen a dentist in many years and the neglect was taking its toll. I had developed a periodontal disease and my teeth were literally falling out. If I were to smile (which I seldom did), I resembled ajack-o-Iantern. Normally gregarious and self-confident, my physical appearance was affecting my self-esteem.

After deciding to remedy the situation, the question remained. . ..where do I turn for help? I searched the internet, looking in Dubai, Kuwait and elsewhere. Not having dental insurance, cost was definitely a factor.

I discovered that costs for dental treatment in these countries were comparable to the U.S.. Maintaining my " tax free" earnings status had to be considered also because there was no quick fix solution to my condition. Returning to the U.S. for treatment could result in a substantial tax liability. More info



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KBR, KBR provides a wide range of engineering - kbr delivers world-class service